Personal Leadership Program

Change is what happens to YOU,
Transition is what you DO about it.

What is the Transition on Purpose:  Personal Leadership Program 

A purposefully designed 6-month program for business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition to get the informed insight, experienced perspective and unfiltered accountability they need to maximize their performance and get to the next level in work and life.

Why a Transition on Purpose Program?

Life provides us with ample opportunities to make choices about what we want as well as presents obstacles, opportunities, and decisive points in our personal decision-making process. 

Ownership is the ability to define our reality and  appreciate what really matters to us and take focused action aligned with your values, priorities, and definitions of success and happiness.  

How does the Transition on Purpose: Personal Leadership Program work?

It is a 6-month program of touchpoints providing structure, support, and 1 on 1 coaching to empower you to follow through on living your best life.  It was purposefully designed to be self-reflective, exploratory and action oriented.  It includes:  

  • Personal Coaching:  customized one-on-one coaching sessions with a Columbia University certified performance coach 
  • Self-Exploration:  EQ-360, NBI Whole Brain Thinking, and Gallup Strengthsfinders
  • Accountability and Support:  Ongoing communication and Recommendations 
  • Collaboration:  MASTERMIND meetings with a small group of committed peers 
  • Structure:  A step by step personal leadership journey focused on values, priorities, boundary setting, resilience building, goal-setting and network expansion.  

Ready to Grow as a Leader?